Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frozen Diaphragm

I hope I'm not causing a shock to anyone's system... but I've decided (well, found time) to blog.  I used to say I was a once-a-month blogger, but apparently I have grown into a tri-monthly blogger.  Anyway, whatever I am or have become, I actually have a little time to update all of you on Scott and our family.

It's been a three months since Scott saw the pulmomologist for his breathing difficulties... which was diagnosed as a "frozen diaphragm".  When Scott told me that, I asked what we needed to do to thaw it out (ha)!  The mainstream medical answer is... nothing.  In short, a frozen diaphragm occurs when something interferes with the nerve pathway between the brain and the diaphragm.  It does not allow one side of the diaphragm to release in order for that lung to expand when taking in a breath.  I can actually take my stethoscope and listen to determine the difference between sides of his diaphragm.  So, the specialist told Scott that it may clear up on it's own, but if it doesn't, or it worsens, then we will need to think about a major thoracic (chest) surgery.

On the other side of the medical/health fence, we've been having Scott receive treatments at a chiropractic clinic.  He has usually has either an electrical nerve stimulation treatment, acupuncture, or chiropractic treatment once a week.  He is also taking some supplements to hopefully help his system detox after the chemo.  However, that's been giving us some concern as well.  

Scott has noticed that he still has a small lump where his primary tumor occurred.  It might be scar tissue, but there's always that thought in the back of our minds that it could be cancer.  Neither of us want to think that because we believe that God can and does heal, and we've seen that in Scott.  At the same time, we want to be prudent in making sure that Scott receives all possible treatment options.  So as you can see, things can still be a bit up and down.

This coming Monday, Scott is scheduled to undergo a PET scan.  He's had this test before and it will show us if there is any cancer left.  The oncologist wanted to do another one before he okays the removal of Scott's port.  Obviously Scott and I are looking forward to this because it means... we finally get a DATE!  That's been our running joke, that we only get a date when he has to go to the hospital :).

Scott has put together a powerful video documenting his journey with cancer.  He showed the video for a message he put together for our church.  He went in depth about the lessons he learned as God led him through this difficult time.  We have attached the video to this message for you to view.  If you would like to hear Scott's sermon, you can log onto "" and click on "listen online" under the resources tab.  It's titled "Finding Shelter in the Storm" on March 14th.

On other notes, we are gearing up for a fun summer!  After last summer, we are ready to get our garden going, do some major yard projects, attend the Colorado Home School Conference, see Grandpa Schwinn and Uncle Corey, visit with Grandpa Jon and Grandma Candy, and GO CAMPING!  We are hoping to get away at the end of May/beginning of June and take in the camping up in South Dakota.  Why there instead of the beautiful Colorado Rockies?  Well, seeing as how no one has carved presidential faces into a fourteener yet, we will need to go to SD to see that.  We have been to Mount Rushmore previously, but the two older kids were too little to remember.  We are planning on doing some weekend camping around here in our amazing state with some family from church.  Can't wait for that!

So, that's the update for now.  I know I've been quite delinquent in keeping you all up to speed and for that I apologize.  I really want to try and carve out some time each week to write, blog, keep people updated, etc.  It was such an amazing journey that the Lord has taken us on, and I realize more and more that it is one that I want to continue to share with all of you.  I also realize daily that I have the freedom to say what I think and feel; what the Lord has been teaching us and how His word speaks to our life.  As I watch America's moral compass continue to spin uncontrollably, I am reminded that my freedom may be cut short.  Therefore, I want to make the most of my time in proclaiming the risen Christ and what he has done and is doing in our lives!  Thank you for humoring me and reading my ramblings , but mostly, thank you for praying without ceasing for our family.  We treasure you all!